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Fanvid: Last Tango In Halifax

Yes, apparently I was due a double attack by Last Tango Vid bunnies!

I will now go and marathon a different TV show to try and stave off any more!

Last Tango In Halifax // Caroline & Kate // I Will Be by Avril Lavigne.

I Will Be - Caroline&Kate from smishpixie on Vimeo.

New Fanvid: Last Tango in Halifax

Got an uber vid-bunny and HAD to deal with it.

This is a Caroline/Kate video from the BBC drama series "Last Tango In Halifax". Have been listening to the Deluxe Version of Taylor Swift's Red and love the acoustic version of State of Grace.

Perfect song, meet perfect series!


State of Grace - Caroline&Kate from smishpixie on Vimeo.

(Video will appear as soon as Vimeo are done processing... I will come back later and embed it!)

Part in MultiFandom Collab...

I recently provided a Rachel/Eddie (Waterloo Road) segment for a Multifandom Collaboration music video.

It was organised by the fabulous misssimm (who is totally worth subscribing to on Youtube... ClaraLM)

Random Icons

Just a handful of various LJ icons:

01. = All That Jazz
02. - 04. = The Bill (Spoilers for the 2010 Promo)
05. - 06. = Legally Blonde: The Musical (London Cast)
07. - 08. = Guiding Light (Otalia)
09. - 10. = Venice: the Series

Everything Old is New again...Collapse )

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Icon Update

It's been a while I know!

New batch of Waterloo Road icons to follow... but for now, am a bit obssessed with the new Bill promo for the 9pm episodes, so...

View from the Frontline - The Bill Icons x9Collapse )


Waterloo Road Icon Update

Three episodes worth of icons!

4x09 (x14)
4x10 (x15)
4x11 (x5)

I was just fed up of being alone...Collapse )

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Waterloo Road 4x08 Icons

14 icons from this week's episode. Spoilers if you haven't seen it.

I don't expect you to have found a cure for teenage boys...Collapse )

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Heh, is it obvious I got up to date with clipping all the Waterloo Road episodes to date? lol

Last one before reality kicks back in!

Music: I Stand by Idina Menzel
Spoilers: Up to 4x07
Theme: Rachel Mason, and how she stands for Waterloo Road.

Download .wmv format // MB // Right Click and select "Save As..."

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Random Icon Dump

Some old (and not so old) icons I found on my desktop that I hadn't posted here:

*takes a deep breath*
1 x Amanda Tapping (AT3 event)
1 x Ashes to Ashes
1 x The Bill
2 x Brooke Smith
1 x Emmerdale (Carl/Grace)
1 x Eva Pope
2 x Grey's Anatomy (Callie/Erica)
1 x Hairspray London
1 x Shona White (Wicked)
2 x Simone Lahbib (Bad Girls)
3 x Simone Lahbib (Wire in the Blood)
1 x Strictly Come Dancing (Cherie and James)
3 x [title of show]
1 x X Files 2 (Mulder/Scully)

Plus a 9 icon set from Series 3 of Waterloo Road

Random much?Collapse )

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